Certification Program

The program to become a Certified Performance Specialist is a high level of professional development for coaches (executive, athletic and academic), as well as those active in the fields of consulting, education, mental health and community development. The goal of the training is to provide an in-depth working knowledge of the theory and tools of the Bernstein Performance Model (BPM): a scientifically driven model for improving performance by reducing stress. 

This comprehensive, evidence-based performance model was developed in 40 years of clinical work, research and self-study by educator and performance psychologist Dr. Ben Bernstein. The BPM is the core of his three published books, his popular blog on the Psychology Today website, and his forthcoming textbook, The Only Stress-Reduction Book You’ll Ever Need.  This training program provides an invaluable toolbox for dealing with stress-related issues such as overwhelm, distraction, self-doubt, under-achievement, performance anxiety and related physical symptoms.

This 9-month training covers learning the BPM and applying it to oneself and to the variety of issues that impact human performance. It includes sessions that are didactic and interactive, group and individual, as well as supervision as you apply the work to yourself and those you work with. 

This is a unique opportunity for coaches, counselors and tutors to deepen and expand their repertoire of knowledge and tools for improving client performance, and, as a Performance Specialist, work with others interested in performance enhancement.


Becoming a Certified Performance Specialist will 

  • Provide you with evidence-based tools for working on issues of stress and performance (tension, overwhelm, distraction, self-doubt, under-achievement and performance anxiety)
  • Offer ways of analyzing practice and performance that will lead to better results 
  • Give you unique strategies for guiding co-workers and clients to more effective habits of preparation, practice and performance 
  • Expand the scope of your working base: you will be able to receive referrals of those in high-stress occupations and situations


This training uses Dr. B’s forthcoming textbook, The Only Stress-Reduction Book You’ll Ever Need, as the core curriculum for the training. The training is divided into three phases, through group and individual sessions: 

Phase 1:  Learning the model. In months 1-3 trainees will learn the theory and tools that comprise the BPM.

Phase 2: Case studies and supervision. In months 4-6 trainees will work on analyzing,  reviewing and receiving supervision on case studies. 

Phase 3:  Mentoring.  In months 7-9 mentoring sessions will focus on specific situations that come up with regularity in dealing with performance issues.


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Dr. Ben Bernstein Ph.D

Performance Psychologist

Courses and Training are conducted by Dr. Ben Bernstein, licensed performance psychologist. For the last forty years, Dr. B has been coaching test takers at all levels to improve their test performance: high school students taking the ACT and SAT, college students taking the LSAT, MCAT and many other qualifying exams, and professionals in various fields taking licensing and national board exams. His ongoing blog on the Psychology Today website regularly receives thousands of views. His landmark book "Crush Your Test Anxiety" was number one in it's category on Amazon, with one reviewer naming Dr. B. "A brilliant psychologist."