Course Description

CRUSH YOUR TEST ANXIETY is the only comprehensive course to supply the nine performance tools you need to stay calm, confident and focused when studying for and taking tests. 

Stress hurts performance. CRUSH YOUR TEST ANXIETY will show you how to reduce your stress so you can perform at your best on test day. This is a master class in top test performance.

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  • 85 lessons

    85 lessons covering how to stay calm, confident and focused when studying for and taking tests.

  • 5 hours of short, to-the-point, video lessons

    Short, topic-specific, lessons for ease of use

  • Bonus content

    Bonus content: checklists, quizzes and animations for additional aid in test success

Dr. Ben Bernstein Ph.D.

Performance Psychologist

The course is taught by Dr. Ben Bernstein, licensed performance psychologist. For the last forty years Dr. B has been coaching test takers at all levels to improve their test performance: high school students taking the ACT and SAT, college students taking the LSAT, MCAT and many other qualifying exams, and professionals in various fields taking licensing and national board exams. His ongoing blog on the Psychology Today website regularly receives thousands of views.

Course curriculum

    1. What Do You Dislike About Tests?

    2. I Don't Like Tests Because...

    3. Who Will Benefit From This Course?

    4. About Dr. B

    5. Maximize the Benefits

    6. The "Secret Sauce" for Your Test Success

    7. Let's Go!

    8. Bonus Video: Signs and Symptoms of Test Anxiety

    1. Introducing the Four Pillars for Test Success

    2. Pillar 1: Stress Affects Performance

    3. Pillar 2: Dr B’s Definition of "Stress”

    4. Pillar 3: The Optimal States for Top Performance

    5. Pillar 4: You Need Awareness and Tools

    6. Recap: The Four Pillars for Your Top Performance

    7. 3 Bonus Videos!

    1. The Source of Your Stress

    2. Accept the Challenge: A High-Level Overview

    3. How Are You Disconnecting? A Self-Diagnostic Inventory

    4. Scoring Your Inventory

    5. Putting it Together

    6. What's Wrong with This Picture? A Quiz

    7. Get Ready For... Another Quiz!

    8. Homework (😉)

    9. Bonus Video: The Best Way to Study

    1. The Calm Leg: Introduction

    2. The "Calm Leg": Cultivating Your Awareness + Calm Tool #1 (Breathing)

    3. A Useful Technique: 3 Point Breathing

    4. Calm Tool #2: Grounding

    5. Calm Tool #3: Sensing

    6. Your Nervous System and Resting Your Eyes

    7. Three Techniques for Resting Your Eyes

    8. How to Stop Worrying

    9. Staying Connected Through Using the Tools

    10. Summing Up: Staying Connected, Staying Present

    11. Now Read This...

    12. Bonus Video: How to Stay Calm

    1. Confidence: The Mind “Leg”

    2. What is “Confidence”?

    3. Building Awareness: Your Negative Sentences

    4. Overview: The Tools for Remaining Confident

    5. Audio Exercise: The Three Tools for Remaining Confident

    6. Confidence Tool #1: Confiding In Your Best Self

    7. Confidence Tool #2: Receiving the Reflection of Your Best Self

    8. Confidence Tool #3: Envisioning the Small Manageable Steps

    9. Using the Confidence Tools

    10. The 3 Tools for Calming Down: A Quiz

    11. Reviewing the Calm Tools: Guided Imagery Exercise

    12. Introduction to Reviewing the Exercises for Resting the Eyes

    13. Audio Exercise: 3 Ways to Rest Your Eyes

    14. 2 Bonus Videos

About this course

  • $495.00
  • 87 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

“Dr. B is a brilliant psychologist who has designed a plan to reduce stress and anxiety in test taking, and the skills he helps you hone will serve you throughout your lifetime. ”

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