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A master class dedicated to top test performance

If you constantly struggle with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed during tests, Crush Your Test Anxiety is here to help. This specialized course understands the impact test anxiety has on your performance like no other. Say goodbye to being held back by stress.

Enroll in Crush Your Test Anxiety and unlock the nine powerful tools that will empower you to conquer your fears and maintain unwavering confidence at every stage. From studying to the actual test day, you'll learn effective techniques to keep your nerves in check and unleash your true potential. 

We recognize that stress hampers performance, but with Crush Your Test Anxiety, you'll have all the necessary resources to rise above the pressure and achieve success. This isn't just any course; it’s a master class dedicated to top test performance. Don't settle for less when you have the ability to succeed. Enroll now and take the first step towards a brighter, more confident future.

  • 8 Modules

    8 modules with the tools to stay calm, confident and focused when studying for and taking tests.

  • 5 hours of short, to-the-point, video lessons

    Short, topic-specific, lessons for ease of use

  • Bonus content

    Bonus content: checklists, quizzes and animations for additional aid in test success

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Dr. Ben Bernstein Ph.D.

Performance Psychologist

The course is conducted by Dr. Ben Bernstein, licensed performance psychologist, veteran educator, and creator of the BPM (Bernstein Performance Model)—the comprehensive tool box for test success. 

For over 40 years Dr. B has coached thousands of test-takers worldwide—from high schoolers to career professionals—to raise their test scores by training them to be calm, confident and focused while they study and when they cross the threshold into the exam room.

Recipient of the 2023 Distinguished Educator Award

Course curriculum

    1. Introducing the Four Pillars for Test Success

    2. Pillar 1: Stress Affects Performance

    3. Pillar 2: Dr B’s Definition of "Stress”

    4. Pillar 3: The Optimal States for Top Performance

    5. Pillar 4: You Need Awareness and Tools

    6. Recap: The Four Pillars for Your Top Performance

    7. 3 Bonus Videos!

    1. The Source of Your Stress

    2. Accept the Challenge: A High-Level Overview

    3. How Are You Disconnecting? A Self-Diagnostic Inventory

    4. Scoring Your Inventory

    5. Putting it Together

    6. What's Wrong with This Picture? A Quiz

    7. Get Ready For... Another Quiz!

    8. Homework (😉)

    9. Bonus Video: The Best Way to Study

    1. The Calm Leg: Introduction

    2. The "Calm Leg": Cultivating Your Awareness + Calm Tool #1 (Breathing)

    3. A Useful Technique: 3 Point Breathing

    4. Calm Tool #2: Grounding

    5. Calm Tool #3: Sensing

    6. Your Nervous System and Resting Your Eyes

    7. Three Techniques for Resting Your Eyes

    8. How to Stop Worrying

    9. Staying Connected Through Using the Tools

    10. Summing Up: Staying Connected, Staying Present

    11. Now Read This...

    12. Bonus Video: How to Stay Calm

    1. Confidence: The Mind “Leg”

    2. What is “Confidence”?

    3. Building Awareness: Your Negative Sentences

    4. Overview: The Tools for Remaining Confident

    5. Audio Exercise: The Three Tools for Remaining Confident

    6. Confidence Tool #1: Confiding In Your Best Self

    7. Confidence Tool #2: Receiving the Reflection of Your Best Self

    8. Confidence Tool #3: Envisioning the Small Manageable Steps

    9. Using the Confidence Tools

    10. The 3 Tools for Calming Down: A Quiz

    11. Reviewing the Calm Tools: Guided Imagery Exercise

    12. Introduction to Reviewing the Exercises for Resting the Eyes

    13. Audio Exercise: 3 Ways to Rest Your Eyes

    14. 2 Bonus Videos

About this course

  • $395.00
  • 5 hours of video content
  • Bonuses, Checklists, Charts and more

“Dr. B is a brilliant psychologist who has designed a plan to reduce stress and anxiety in test taking, and the skills he helps you hone will serve you throughout your lifetime. ”

Anonymous Student

““Crush Your Test Anxiety” is an astonishing rendition of what it is like to be coached personally by Dr. Bernstein. I have seen him help scores of students achieve peak performance when it counts. His training model for remaining calm, confident and focused offers a transformative life strategy.””

Charles N. Bertolami, D.D.S.; D.Med.Sc, Dean, New York University College of Dentistry

““My initial SAT scores were disappointing. I had taken a good prep course but when I took the test I was very nervous and it was hard to stay focused. After learning and using Dr. B’s tools, I had a much better test expereince. My SAT scores went up and I got into my dream school. Dr. B knows what it takes!””

Justin H., College freshman

““I am forever grateful to Dr. B for providing me with the tools I needed to pass the California Bar exam. After four failed attempts, it wasn’t until all three aspects of my life that Dr. B addresses in his program—mind, body and spirit—were completely balanced that I was able to pass."”

Karen Sheehy, Esq. Criminal Defense Attorney and Public Defender

““Dr. B is a brilliant psychologist who has designed a program to reduce stress and anxiety in test taking, and the skills he helps you hone will serve you throughout your lifetime.” ”

Barbara Thomson Retired Education Administrator & Consultant

““I have used Dr. Bernstein’s test-prep techniques in my programs for first-generation and low-income students. They report how helpful the techniques are not only preparing for exams,but for personal use as well.””

Charles J. Alexander, Ph.D Associate Vice Provost for Student Diversity Director of Academic Advancement Program, UCLA

““Crush Your Test Anxiety” is a wonderful resource for test-takers. His model reflects the cutting edge in positive psychology and the mind-body-spirit connection.””

Gilbert Newman, Ph.D Dean, The Wright Institute

““Before working with Dr. B’s model I lost confidence and got distracted by difficult test items, and I was unable to demonstrate my knowledge of the material during exams. Now I am a successful and skilled test taker.” ”

Susan P., High school senior

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